Blue Moon Smoke Shop has a large hookah tobacco assortment and exquisite, all-glass smoking pipes.

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We take pride in the amazing selection of high quality smoking pipes we offer at Blue Moon Smoke Shop.

Welcome to Blue Moon Smoke Shop

Smoking has existed as a tradition and a social pastime throughout history. Even though the methods and materials have varied throughout the ages, the social and personal practice of smoking has remained the same. All of us smoke for enjoyment. We smoke together to create a shared experience. No matter what your motivation is, you need a smoke shop that understands the importance of this timeless custom.

When you are looking for the best in smoking accessories and supplies, you can trust Blue Moon Smoke Shop in Boston, MA to offer the quality you seek. We take smoking seriously, and we understand that our customers do too. Although tobacco use has come under fire because of health concerns, smokers have every right to enjoy themselves. Therefore, we proudly offer quality products and exceptional customer service.

In addition, we offer many healthy alternatives to the traditional packaged cigarettes and cigars. Our smoke shop offers vaporizers, including e-cigs, G-pens, and more. We also have a wide array of quality water pipes that filter many of the harmful and toxic carcinogens out of the tobacco through the water. Along with our exceptional glassware, we offer many high quality tobacco choices to enjoy with your new smoking products.

Blue Moon Smoke Shop is an incredible head shop in Boston, MA. Come in and browse our amazing selection of smoking accessories and supplies today!